This week, we have an awesome interview to share! In honor of James Bond’s 50th anniversary, (and in honor of Alex’s drooling fanboy status WRT the James Bond 007 RPG) we talk with RPG design luminary and lead designer on the James Bond 007 RPG, Christopher Klug!

This is a wide-ranging (and long!) interview – we talk about the following:

  • Chris’ early days with SPI
  • Dragonquest and Runequest, the other white meats of early fantasy roleplay
  • The influence of Runequest on Chris’ design work, including James Bond
  • Chris’ work on Dragonquest 2nd Edition.
  • The history of the Universe RPG
  • The birth of Victory Games, and the origins of the James Bond 007 RPG
  • The design philosophy behind James Bond
  • The difficulties of getting James Bond adventures approved
  • The game design genius of Greg Gorden (How does this guy not have a Wikipedia page?)
  • The awesomeness of the Q Manual
  • The death of the James Bond RPG, and the tantalizing could-have-been of other games made with the system.
  • Chris’ approach to gamemastering, and stories about his later gaming history, including running Runequest for Zeb Cook!
  • Greg Stafford’s design philosophy
  • Chris quizzes us about the current state of the hobby, the impact of epublishing, and Kickstarter

There’s way more than that, but this is a difficult interview to summarize.  Check it out!