Welcome to a new feature of Geeky & Genki!  The Non Moving Picture Show will be a recurring feature dedicated to recommending and discussing webcomics we find interesting. 

Our first offering is Alba, a horror / surreal webcomic with stellar art of (digital) ink and watercolor washes. 

When, within the first three pages of a comic, you find yourself flipping back and forth between pages, saying, “Oh, that’s clever,”  what you have, ladies and gents, is a keeper.  Without spoilering anything, the art is incredibly subtle, and the artist uses that to her advantage.  I recommend experiencing the comic before reading the Info section, which contains a summary of events.  The reader is dropped directly into the middle of the action, but the dialogue is well written and the action is clearly communicated, so we have no trouble filling in the blanks with our own imaginations.   

Webcomic wizard John Allison recently pointed out that if each page of your comic requires a paragraph of explanation, you’re not doing it right.  Alba leaves it entirely up to the reader, with the exception of a single word clarification that adds yet another layer to the story.

Now is a great time to start reading Alba; the archive is small, and the artist has been on hiatus.  According to the site, pages will begin regularly updating again in mid September, which is almost upon us!

Alba sample