The internet has been drooling over Jake Wyatt’s Necropolis since before it was even launched at the end of last month, and for very good reason.   Wyatt has done some noteworthy art in the past, but I think it was the teaser pages for Necropolis –released over the course of a few months– that set the internet abuzz.   The pages featured a sword-wielding character in a setting that seems to marry the unsettling beauty and muted color palette of Nausicaä with the strangeness and intricacy of Moebius’ art.   Yes, please.   It resonated with readers so strongly that there is already not only fan art, but people are cosplaying the main character.   (I’d like to note that it’s just plain cool of Wyatt to kindly provide paper doll sketches with explanations for those asking about costuming.)

Necropolis does not have an official website yet – it’s being hosted on Wyatt’s Tumblr, where he’s currently releasing new pages weekly.  As of right now, there are only teasers and three gorgeous pages of prologue, but what little information we have promises an entertaining story concerning long forgotten crumbling empires, restless dead, and a ronin-esque girl known as The Third Sword.* 

 NMPS Necropolis page pic2


*ie: Fucking Metal