As we are all aware, there’s a new, American-made Godzilla film coming in 2014. For a long time I thought “Eeeeew more American Godzilla WTF.” but the new trailer that was just released today made me waver.

We see soldiers parachuting with flares, lots of buildings crumbling and things exploding, a girl looking scared and the dad from Malcolm in the Middle (I think maybe he’s been in some other series recently that people liked) seeming anguished. And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the roar.

It was the roar that melted my hard, hard heart. Godzilla’s roar is one of the most iconic sounds in cinema (along with the Star Wars lightsaber noise and the transporter sound from Star Trek and the TARDIS from Doctor Who) and hearing it, nomatter where I am or what I am watching, sends a shiver up my spine. And good old Gojira looks right (from what you can see through the fog)- he looks like a slightly updated version of our favorite pug-faced ancient reptile.

The new film comes out in May, and I can finally say I’m excited to see it.

In conclusion, here is a picture of a keychain of Hello Kitty dressed as King Ghidorah. Because why the hell not.