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Show Notes

Hey all! Last month Matt Sanchez and I–partners in crime at Kotodama Heavy Industries –were bored, so we put together the first of hopefully more podcasts about Japanese Tabletop RPGs.

Since it’s an introductory podcast, we focus mostly on self-introductions and the past, including:

  • Who we are
  • Our day jobs!
    • The world of customs brokering!
    • The world of high performance storage computer analysis!
  • How day jobs lead to pushback on writing projects!
  • and 21:00 minutes in, we talk lightly–5 minutes each–about what we love about the J-RPG “Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy RPG”
  • Why Hall and Oates?

If you have questions, thoughts, or topic ideas, please feel free to post a comment here!