This is a very special episode of Super Excite Game: Let’s Podcasting! Matt branches out with a new type of (as of yet unnamed) episode where we will be reading and discussing the popular and strange manga known as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険)!!!

Your hosts for this journey from the beginning of the story are Matt and his good friend Jessica, both of whom are great fans of Jojo. Every 2 weeks we will read through a volume (1 tankoubon) and talk about the story, characters, insane logic and anything else that comes up. Of course, we’ll start at the very beginning so that even beginners can listen along as they begin their new obsession!

In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk about the manga that has enthralled us. We discuss positive gender portrayal, media adaptations, and Jojo themed bars. Join us in two weeks when we will convene once again to talk about the first exciting volume of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Show Notes:

00:00: Introduction

9:20: Short discussion on gender in Jojo:
(wherein I mix up Stone Ocean and Steel Ball Run when Jessica mentions the main female character)

11:12 Discussion on nature of special powers that manifest throughout the series

16:23 Jojo Bar Morioh-cho (Nagoya)

Jojo Radio Exercise

Jojo ora ora ora vs. muda muda muda 

24:48 A Brief History of the Jojo Manga

28:37 Video games
(There are tons of other media adaptations unmentioned; 5 novels, a 2000 addition to the OVA series, etc.)

33:28 Influences and inspirations

37:20 Endgame