We are continuing our coverage of the Adventure Planning Service’s series of games in the Saikoro Fiction line with news of two new horror games and a review of Magika Logia. Andy then talks about his trip to the Kansai region of Japan and all the places you need to see!


Show Notes:

Multigenre Horror RPG Insane

Reality Show RPG Kill Death Business

Grimoire War RPG Magika Logia


Time Slip:

00:00 Introduction + News

06:31 Magika Logia Review

24:38 Andy’s Trip through the Kansai region

27:00 Osaka and Osakan style

33:40 Nara, the Giant Buddha, and disgustingly cute mascot characters
39:00 Himeji Castle and Renovations
42:00 Kurashiki and the Ryokan Experience

51:57 Endgame