Hey everybody, it’s time for your weekly, consistent episode of Geeky & Genki!  This week we talk about the amazing Attack on Titan, which you really ought to be watching.  So if you haven’t done that already, go do it now, at least up through episode 6, cause we’re going to spoil the crap out of this show.

Go ahead.  We’ll wait here…


(We also talk about Patricia’s new novella, and have some good video games, consoles, and copyright talk.)

Show Notes by Clyde

Please watch Attack on Titan before this show.

Patrica’s book, Hour of the Lotus.

Resident Evil 4

Chainsaw Ganado

The Penetrator

Wii U


No EA games for the Wii U.

Nintendo snatching those let’s play ducats.

Kinect sales

Our Irma Vep episode

Frank Gorshin, my Halloween idol.

What we were looking at in the interesting discussion.