Hey everybody, did you miss us?  We missed you!  It turns out that when one of the hosts moves 2500 miles across the country, the effect is almost indistinguishable from podfading, but thankfully we have no intentions of doing that!  Join us as we work the rust out and talk to Clyde about his awesome Forge Midwest experience this year, along with a lengthy discussion about Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. We ramble all over the place, probably because we haven’t had a proper conversation in months, but we thought it turned out pretty great.  We’ve actually got a ton of recordings in the can, so this should put us back on a weekly schedule.  See you next Monday!

All thanks go to Clyde for the following very thorough orgy of links.  Enjoy!

 Show Notes

Forge Midwest

The Prolific Pete Figtree

Tenra Bansho Zero

Andy Kitkowski’s, “The Perils of Self-Fullfillment” (video)

Joshua A.C. Newman

Mobile Frame Zero

Seattle Doomsday Map


Asura fucking people up with his finger.

Dungeon World

The Walking Eye

Stop wasting your time, just go here.


Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Lady Blackbird


The cool fucking chips he made.

That’s How We Roll with Peter Adkinson

Valve and per employee profit

Interview where Luke Crane discusses the value of working with other’s I.P. 

Burning Empires

Chris Moeller



Mammoth Cave

Twilight 2000

Shadowrun Returns


Attack on Titan, motherfuckers!