I found this interesting opinion piece about why console gaming is dying. I am not much of a console gamer and never have been (which makes me part of the problem, I guess) but even I can see that; I never hear about XBox or Wii games from friends anymore, they’re all playing PC games and MMOs. Personally, our Wii is almost exclusively to stream Netflix to our TV. Even stuff like the Kinect isn’t prevalent among our friends, even the most game tech-savvy ones.

Part of it is that there rarely seem to be any new games out for consoles; they’re all in a series. And as the article points out, graphics are about as good as they ever going to get (and still remain on a screen and not pumped directly into our brains), so the promise of better graphics isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

These days the kids are used ti having handhelds they can tote everywhere, and games in seconds on their smart phones. The people who are used to console gaming are those of us who grew up with it, and well, we’re getting old. We have jobs and kids and don’t have time to devote entire weekends to beating Final Fantasy Whatever They’re on Now. Super Mario World, once you get started, demands you play for hours. Hours we old people don’t have anymore.

That’s my thought, but I’m not much into video games. What do our G&G video game devotees think?