This is an interview I did with Spencer Crittenden, the GM of the Harmontown podcast. We discussed video games where things swallow you, a bit about improv and RPG’s, and the capabilities and desires of the young folks. I lose my place at least twice, and am a bit more awkward over Skype, but still think it’s a fun interview.

Show Notes

  1. Spencer Crittenden on Twitter
  2. Saga Frontier
  3. Dan Harmon on Tumblr
  4. Dan Harmon on Twitter
  5. HarmonTown
  6. Community
  7. Dead Ale Wives
  8. Summoner Geeks (Video)
  9. The Nerdist
  10. NerdMelt
  11. This Feels Terrible with Erin McGathy
  12. This Feels Terrible with Erin McGathy, Spencer episode.
  13. The Podcast Cast
  14. Nerd Poker
  15. The Walking Eye
  16. The Jank Cast
  17. Penny Arcade / PVP Online / Wil Wheaton – D&D Actual Play
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  21. Earthdawn
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